M.A.D. – Defines learning as Memory, Articulation and Discipline.


Looking at these concepts, we discover that:


M for MEMORY – The first step in all education is the experience and retention of information.

  • Teach children that their minds are wonderful instruments and to use them properly.
  • We learn by experience, and our mind adapts that experience into memory. The more perfect our memory the more perfect our education.
  • The M.A.D. System extracts from the traditional classroom setting, but is not limited to that only. For our learning is only limited by our experiences.
  • M.A.D. teaches you how to develop your most powerful educational resource; memory.


At the Great Tomorrows School, we will teach children to retain information. Memory is no respecter of color, gender, national origin or wealth. However, discovering how to use your mind in the right way, is not always an equal opportunity to all. Notwithstanding, at Great Tomorrows School we believe children should learn immediately from birth; and continue to perfect the process during the formative years.


A for ARTICULATION – The ability to perfectly express information and oneself.

  • Thus, articulation is done in several formats. Articulation through speech and writing are the most common; however, moment-to-moment inspiration of thoughts that inspire behavior, or the direction of abilities and talents are also quite common.
  • When an exam is given, the examiner expects a format of information to be expressed in essay, verbal or written answer form. However, life is constantly examining our level of knowledge, hence we are tested daily to express what we know
  • Lastly if a student of life does well in retaining in the “memory” they will then be sufficiently trained, and able to respond and recall such information at exams or life experience exams.



D for DISCIPLINE – The art of becoming the absolute best.

  • Discipline in our system is not punishment, but rather bring every ounce of ones inner strength to focus on overcoming any obstacles to learning or life.
  • Discipline means that each child must draw on their God given abilities to stay with an problem until it is overcome.
  • Finally, discipline says that learning for the purpose of living the most excellent life, is to be desired above all other distractions and temptations.



Great Tomorrows Elementary/Middle School and ATLAH High School meets the requirements of both the New York State Board of Education and the New York State Board of Regents. We also require additional courses in various subject areas.