A Message From Our Principal

schoolLogoGreetings Parents,

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of working with you and your child. We want to support you in these precious formative years not only in giving the basis for academic success, but also to help develop the Biblical character traits that will be beneficial for a lifetime.

Our mission is excellence in academics and development in righteousness, truth and love. We believe a child deserves more than the traditional education in reading, writing and arithmetic. Great Tomorrows USA offers the unique opportunity to include computer skills, science and a foreign language in a Word Centered Christian atmosphere, whereby, children develop their potential for a competitive and successful future.

We are presently using two curriculums:

  • Computer Textbook Program
  • M.A.D. Memory, Articulation & Discipline (developed by The Honorable James David Manning) for grades Pre-K through 12. This curriculum allows every child to work at their individual academic level and progress at their own pace.

Children are like vessels waiting to be filled. With your help, we desire to fill them with a godly character, as well as give them a solid basis for relating and achieving in this world. For the foundation of their learning at Great Tomorrows USA will affect them for a lifetime.


In His Royal Service,

Elder Adam Jacob Lafleur,




Dear Parent/Guardian:

Stop the homosexual brain washing of your children!


Our children are special, they always have been, they always will be, but right now our children are under massive attack by the homosexual lobby. Save your child/children from the homosexual demons in the public school system. Allow them the opportunity of a natural sexual maturity and the ability to grow into godly men and women at ATLAH Elementary/Middle School and ATLAH High School.


ATLAH Elementary/Middle School and ATLAH High School are making this appeal to the community because of its academic excellence, nurturing and safe environment. We train our students to focus on getting a PhD degree before they have completed their education process. Our M.A.D. Curriculum teaches students to memorize, articulate, become disciplined and focused; not overtaken by the distractions of this world.


Our students are equipped to compete academically with anyone, anywhere, at any time, in whatever field they choose. This is most important because your child/children need to be able to compete on the world stage. We’ve had many parents say, “You’ve changed my child’s life.”


Bring your children here and let them make their decision to mature as God will have them mature. We teach them to develop their God given gifts and abilities. I support you and your children to grow up and be an exemplified godly expression in their sexuality.


I encourage you to enroll your child/children in the best schools in America, and give them a chance at a normal demon-free sexual life.


Contact our school at 877-777-0734 to find out more information about how to register your child/children.


In His Royal Service,

Dr. James David Manning,